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Please forgive me… March 31, 2008

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I have to apologize, I washed the windows yesterday.  Normally, I know that action alone would bring on the rain.  But, I thought I counter-balanced that when I fertilized the lawn.  Wouldn’t you think? 
Well, rain or shine, all my work is inside today anyway.  Starting right here.  Since I am quite new to blogging, I don’t know where to begin. There are so many things to explore,  everything can become overwhelming if you let it… so, I thought the easiest way would be to add the things I am working on right at the moment.  At the same time, I will be adding work to my portfolio section.  I have quite a lot to add, so that may take a while.


This is what I’m doing in my down time, knitting (usually the only way I can watch TV. I must have ADD, or is it the opposite of ADD?).  We (my kids and I) call this the ugly blanket.  It’s ugly, there’s no doubt.  But in it’s ugliness, I find beauty.  It’s so soft and snugly.  I’m not finished with it yet and it keeps me warm while I add on sections.  Why am I knitting such an ugly blanket you ask?  Well, I purchased a boat load of yarn at an estate sale a couple years ago…



this is only part of what I purchased.  The rest is in a large storage tub.  And, I bought it all for $2! Yes, that’s right, $2!! I don’t care if I never make anything out of them, they’re so pretty.  But, the yarns I’m using on the blanket… were pretty on their own, but not in a basket.  Plus, I didn’t have enough of one color to make anything.  Not even a scarf.  So the ugly blanket was born.  Which shows that something doesn’t have to be pretty to be pretty (what?). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (that’s better).

Cold Easter March 26, 2008

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Left the house on Friday at 63 degrees. Halfway to Michigan it began to snow… then blizzard… then freezing snow on the windshield… driving hunched over peeping through a 2 inch clear area in the windshield that the wipers will actually clear…follow the car tracks in front of you… too afraid to exit the expressway… can’t see the exits… maybe we should get a motel room… can’t see anything but the roughly 25 cars in the ditch, the scary part is that several of them were SUV’s… watch out for that coyote crossing over I-75 like it’s an open field (???!!!), just missed him… finally arriving at 2am, I don’t know how we made it in one piece.


Easter day was so much fun.  Egg hunt, great food and fun with everyone.


My mom always finds beautiful things in nature to decorate with.  We broke off some red Dogwood branches growning in between the cattails.  They made it back with me, and found a new home my mantle.  I wish that I would have taken more.  The color is vibrant and beautiful.  What I really love in the spring is pussy willow branches.  I need to search the farmers market because I don’t see any in our yard!


Trashy art March 25, 2008

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Speaking of bright and colorful, this was a fun and easy project that I had my daughter do for her new room.  When clipping out photos of “cool things” needed, we came across this unique trash can photographed in a PB teen layout (shown above in the room photo).  We had to have one too!  So I headed to my local thrift store where I found a perfect specimen.  A lovely black metal trash can featuring a flying mallard and pond scene.

We primed around the outside of the can and left the inside as it was.  Then, my daughter Blake did the rest.  She’s great at collage art, so I knew this was the project for her.  After her beautiful art was complete, we finished off the entire thing with a coat of pearl glaze (oh, if we could coat everything in peal glaze…) and a clear coat of polyurethane.  Doesn’t it look great?  What can we decoupage next?


Have a Happy Easter March 20, 2008

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Every year, since I started dating my husband, I’ve been making these eggs.  My mother in law Donna, who’s  a talented artist, introduced me to the Ukrainian tradition and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Once I start each season, I have a hard time stopping.  It’s a great excercise in design and color. And, it’s so much fun to pull them out every year and see your beautiful work from the past.  I’ve had our children make them too, they turn out fabulous every time – unless you break them in the process.  Then you cry.

 Have a great Easter celebration.


Here comes the sun, do nn do do

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As of 1:30 am, it’s officially Spring!welcome-sun.jpg

With a new season, comes a new beginning.  This is the official first day of the bonFlourish blog. 

I am learning learning learning – through trial and error error error – how to get this blog going.  Since this is the third time I’ve started this page today (deleted each entry as I was editing and let me tell you they were all riveting posts), I will be brief. 

I will have an about me page coming soon.  I will share my objectives and interests with you then.  Until then, enjoy this beautiful day.  I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Thought for the day – Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.