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Have a Happy Easter March 20, 2008

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Every year, since I started dating my husband, I’ve been making these eggs.  My mother in law Donna, who’s  a talented artist, introduced me to the Ukrainian tradition and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Once I start each season, I have a hard time stopping.  It’s a great excercise in design and color. And, it’s so much fun to pull them out every year and see your beautiful work from the past.  I’ve had our children make them too, they turn out fabulous every time – unless you break them in the process.  Then you cry.

 Have a great Easter celebration.


2 Responses to “Have a Happy Easter”

  1. bonflourish Says:

    Thanks for the support lafemmesteph!

  2. lafemmesteph Says:

    You totally ROCK, Bonnikins! Those eggs are gorgeous!! -The website looks great too, and your work is fabulous. I can’t wait to hire you!

    Steph 🙂

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