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Here comes the sun, do nn do do March 20, 2008

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As of 1:30 am, it’s officially Spring!welcome-sun.jpg

With a new season, comes a new beginning.  This is the official first day of the bonFlourish blog. 

I am learning learning learning – through trial and error error error – how to get this blog going.  Since this is the third time I’ve started this page today (deleted each entry as I was editing and let me tell you they were all riveting posts), I will be brief. 

I will have an about me page coming soon.  I will share my objectives and interests with you then.  Until then, enjoy this beautiful day.  I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Thought for the day – Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.


One Response to “Here comes the sun, do nn do do”

  1. Diana Marra Says:

    Bonnie –
    I was just following up on our Board meeting, and went to your blog site to see what I got myself into for our club..

    AND I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I “thought” you were talented, I knew you were friendly and kind – but my gosh! You are my new Mentor!! Now I wanna be ‘just-like-Bonnie’ !!

    It amazes me the mutual interests – I love the tension created by opposites ie. yin-yang – or as you say, vintage + new. I love Old World – go to Italy if you have not yet, and visit Rome – all the beautiful sculpture just sitting in the street – as if it’s natural to have a beautiful work of art just around each corner.. and I love new construction (so that it doesn’t take so long to need repair).

    Thank you for inspiring me, Bonnie. I also love Curtis’ home tour – he wrote personally to me “Be inspired” when he signed my book – I just reviewed it again a few days ago – and now you have done the same. I’ve always loved art and painting – I appreciate that you do the same. CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful wonderful blog site – you are amazing! Diana

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