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Cold Easter March 26, 2008

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Left the house on Friday at 63 degrees. Halfway to Michigan it began to snow… then blizzard… then freezing snow on the windshield… driving hunched over peeping through a 2 inch clear area in the windshield that the wipers will actually clear…follow the car tracks in front of you… too afraid to exit the expressway… can’t see the exits… maybe we should get a motel room… can’t see anything but the roughly 25 cars in the ditch, the scary part is that several of them were SUV’s… watch out for that coyote crossing over I-75 like it’s an open field (???!!!), just missed him… finally arriving at 2am, I don’t know how we made it in one piece.


Easter day was so much fun.  Egg hunt, great food and fun with everyone.


My mom always finds beautiful things in nature to decorate with.  We broke off some red Dogwood branches growning in between the cattails.  They made it back with me, and found a new home my mantle.  I wish that I would have taken more.  The color is vibrant and beautiful.  What I really love in the spring is pussy willow branches.  I need to search the farmers market because I don’t see any in our yard!


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