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Please forgive me… March 31, 2008

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I have to apologize, I washed the windows yesterday.  Normally, I know that action alone would bring on the rain.  But, I thought I counter-balanced that when I fertilized the lawn.  Wouldn’t you think? 
Well, rain or shine, all my work is inside today anyway.  Starting right here.  Since I am quite new to blogging, I don’t know where to begin. There are so many things to explore,  everything can become overwhelming if you let it… so, I thought the easiest way would be to add the things I am working on right at the moment.  At the same time, I will be adding work to my portfolio section.  I have quite a lot to add, so that may take a while.


This is what I’m doing in my down time, knitting (usually the only way I can watch TV. I must have ADD, or is it the opposite of ADD?).  We (my kids and I) call this the ugly blanket.  It’s ugly, there’s no doubt.  But in it’s ugliness, I find beauty.  It’s so soft and snugly.  I’m not finished with it yet and it keeps me warm while I add on sections.  Why am I knitting such an ugly blanket you ask?  Well, I purchased a boat load of yarn at an estate sale a couple years ago…



this is only part of what I purchased.  The rest is in a large storage tub.  And, I bought it all for $2! Yes, that’s right, $2!! I don’t care if I never make anything out of them, they’re so pretty.  But, the yarns I’m using on the blanket… were pretty on their own, but not in a basket.  Plus, I didn’t have enough of one color to make anything.  Not even a scarf.  So the ugly blanket was born.  Which shows that something doesn’t have to be pretty to be pretty (what?). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (that’s better).

2 Responses to “Please forgive me…”

  1. bonflourish Says:

    Thanks Stephanie!

  2. lafemmesteph Says:

    Oh, my gosh, how awesome your Michigan house was!!!! Truly a work of art, Bonnie. You TOTALLY ROCK!

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