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Welcome Ikea April 1, 2008

Filed under: painted furniture — bonflourish @ 2:23 pm

We finally had the Ikea experience come to Cincinnati.

 I have yet to visit our new Ikea.  But there are many things I really like about the store.  Like these:




I purchased them a couple years ago when Ikea came to Michigan.  I think they were something like a dollar each!  They sell them with all different wood stains, or without stain.  I had planned on painting these with a girls room theme (flowers, words,…) but never did get around to it.  So, recently, I thought the dark brown wood would look tasty against my blueish venetian plaster in the master bath.  They seemed a little too plain, so I added some gold glaze and blueish glaze with a stencil and I love them!  Wouldn’t these mirrors look great covering an entire wall (plain or painted)?  Floor to ceiling… can’t you just imagine it in an entry way!  I might have to try that.  And, it wouldn’t cost more than $60!!  Ikea has fun stuff.


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