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Restoring Old Homes April 3, 2008

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I’m very excited because this Friday, I will be viewing, Curtis Heuser’s renovated home in Newport, KY.   You can see photos of his home in his book, Your Home, A Living Canvas . His book shows how he has completely turned a well worn historic home into an elegant work of art.  His use of decorative finishes and murals is truly inspiring (and I’ve only just seen photos)!  If you link to Amazon you will see some photos from the book.

I was running through a direct mail flyer today and one ad stood out (because it actually had white space, valuable beautiful white space). And, the ad was for the company “your destination for inspiration”.  Sounded like something I’d be interested in.  I checked it out and to my pleasant surprise, found this great slide show of Curtis’ home.

Check it out, you’ll just love his decorating and creative ingenuity.  My absolute favorite detail is the mural with the tree branch that extends out into the custom stained glass window.  Beauty is in the details.  Sorry I don’t have any photos, I’m not sure what I can borrow and post here.  I’ll have to find out. 

 All this restoration talk brings back memories… the good the bad and the ugly… of our home we had before we moved to Cincinnati.  This was our life for eight years…


 Our family kept telling Mike and I how crazy we were for buying this wreck of a home (looked quite good on the outside) – split into two apartments and 3 rooms for rent!  We really didn’t understand their protests – all we saw was potential.  Looking back now, I can’t BELIEVE how crazy we were (you can’t tell kids anything).  It was a gigantic undertaking.

Yes, it was as painful as it looks (as shown by the look on Mike’s face).  No, that’s not snow, it’s plaster and drywall dust, probably filled with asbestos – and no, we didn’t have masks on – stupid mistake!



So then we finished the kitchen, and the local Fire Department filled our house from top floor to basement with water from 9pm to 2am in the morning… that’s another story for another day… 


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