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5th Wall inspiration April 7, 2008

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You may have heard talk about the “5th wall”.  The forgotten wall.  There are so many beautiful ways to enhance your room by simply accenting with your ceiling: plasters, accent colors, medallions, patterns, designs, texture, woods, papers… the list is endless.  But the trend to look up is definately upon us.  Designing your ceiling is not a new thought by any means.  But perhaps, it has been left out your design focus for many years.  We tend to incorporate ceiling design into smaller more manageable rooms like the powder room… but now,  the trend to utilize the 5th wall as an essential part of your home’s decor is in full swing and I’m seeing great ideas everywhere…

This room from House Beautiful is fantastic (also link to their new on-line newsletter and subscribe, it looks like it’s going to be really nice).  White walls are the matte for the ceiling canvas.  Can you see in this picture (hard to see), how the kitchen island’s base color mimics the ceiling color? Tying everything together – I love this.

I only grabbed a few to show and they turned out to all be in greens!  No surprise, I love green it’s very tranquil no matter the shade or hue.  But I have done ceilings that I love in Blues (from a soft sky to an almost black navy), terra cottas, yellows, taupes, metallics … and of course many many greens.  Each creating a specific mood in the room.

You do need to let one dominate, either the ceiling or the walls. They can’t both be competing for your attention.  If one is not more predominate, then they should be equals…

Did you happen to catch the Oprah show with Nate Berkus saving homeowners from living in a time warp?  Great episode.  I especially loved this room makeover

Again with the green ceiling and the white walls.  So inviting!


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