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From Door to Headboard April 12, 2008

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You can make a headboard too.  This was made out of half of a hollow core interior door. My inspiration came from this PBteen headboard:

The tools and materials you’ll need: 1hollow core door, staple gun, hammer, needle nose pliers, sewing machine (optional), at least 2 yards of upholstery fabric (depending on the size of your door), an old comforter that’s in good fluffy condition.

Cut your door to the size you think you will need. Use the open/cut edge facing toward the floor and no one will ever see it.  Cut any roping edge there may be off of your comforter.

With the rough cut edge of the door facing down, staple the comforter to the door using the inside of the comforter now as the outside (basically facing the decorative part of the comforter toward the wood. This will give you a smooth finish under your final upholstery fabric).  Use the same technique for stapling, that was used in making a canvas.  With the rough cut edge of the door facing down you do not need to staple that edge if you do not wish to.

After you have finished attaching the comforter you can then attach your upholstery fabric using the same stapling technique (just staple a little farther out from your first line of staples).  Then you’re finished and you can “hang” (from studs) your headboard on the wall.

For this headboard, I sewed in a bead of roping edge to give it an added detail.  There are many more fun things you could do to add detail: Paint a monogram, sew in a stripe, add buttons, attach a fringe edge (you could use upholstery glue too – no sew)… have fun!


One Response to “From Door to Headboard”

  1. Helen Says:

    How did you attach this to the wall? I’m worried about brackets/screws puling out of the hollow core door.

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