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If you love magazines… April 18, 2008

Filed under: Creative Projects — bonflourish @ 7:26 am

If you love magazines like I do, than you surely end up with a pile every month and wonder how you’ll ever get through them. You also wonder how you’ll remember where to find that article on that great chair reupholstering that you liked, or where’s that photo of that bathroom with the great robin’s egg blue walls…

Well, I’ve finally found a solution that works for me. The first solution I use is that I read magazines like a paper shreader. If I like something I see, I immediately rip it out. That’s the only way I can find things for future use. Otherwise, I’m forever searching for that lost article. But, then I’d throw all of my tearings into my idea drawer. Then they were lost again!

So, in my idea drawer, I found this article from Better Homes and Gardens. They show how to use these binders to organize all the recipes you tear out and never use because you can’t find them. So I knew this would work for my idea clippings. The fabric on the binders looks so sharp. I chose a brown-grey fabric for my binders. These binder’s are saving my sanity and drawer space. I have a different binder for each subject. Craft ideas, Furniture or antique repurposing ideas, decorating for my home, everything outdoor – from outdoor fabric to landscaping to chicken coops. Check out this chicken coop, I’m dying to have one just like this…


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