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love your furniture April 21, 2008

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When I say the words “painted furniture” do you envision bright colors covering a chair with flowers, checks and polka dots?  Often, people do.  But, painted furniture can be many things.  From vibrant designs (polka dots and plaids) to subtle hints of time worn use. 



I painted these two pieces for a french inspired nursery.  Pink, brown and taupe toile fabric by the yards and yards required the furniture to be a subtle compliment to the room.  My client already owned these pieces.  She had used this armoire when she was a child.  I had also painted a gorgeous antique upholstered chair and side table for this room. 

I never did get around to taking pictures of those. (A really bad habit that I have had for years!  So many rooms and pieces of furniture that I have painted and not taken pictures of.  I’m usually so exhausted, I just want to clean my brushes and be done for the day! But this blogging is fixing that – I am taking pictures of everything.)

Painting all of the different styles of furniture with the same colors and designs brought everything together.  Instead of selling these old pieces they didn’t know what to do with, they re purposed them into a beautiful nursery.  And, these designs are so sophisticated (not child like) she will be able to use them for a very long time. 

You can search for a piece to purchase that you’d like to paint or have painted.  Or, you may already have something you love that just needs updating and style.  Painted furniture works in any room of your home and with any personal style. 

There’s a connection between a painted piece and the owner.  It’s more that just a piece of furniture, it’s a memory, it’s a gift, it’s a loved object with a history that you helped create.


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