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Ok, it worked. I’m inspired. April 25, 2008

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Glam walls.  I need to make a sample board right now.  I’m sure this is wallpaper, and I love it, but wouldn’t it be 10 times better painted (said the painter)?!!

Hey, … couldn’t this be done with a hollow core door??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I can hardly finish typing, I need to go paint.


Decor dog… (mental note: must match your decor to your dog, looks so cool).


All of these photos and their sources can be found at this great blog “desire to inspire”

I will be checking back in with them!!  I have to go and paint…



2 Responses to “Ok, it worked. I’m inspired.”

  1. bonflourish Says:

    True, true, It’s probably less costly that way. In that case, my next dog needs to be celery green or rust.

  2. the tourist Says:

    or the dog to the deco?

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