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Ava’s very French/Madeline Inspired, Nursery Furniture April 30, 2008

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As my anxious mommy-to-be client awaited the arrival of her sweet Ava, she brought me several pieces of furniture to paint.  With fabric swatches and paint colors she presented her vision for the nursery which was to be in a Madeline (like the book series) French theme.

Some pieces, like this little bookcase, were handed down from her grandparents.  It wasn’t by any means a fine piece of furniture. 

It was more like a utility piece that hung around the attic or basement for years. 

After scraping away contact paper applying some wood glue, nails and paint…

it turned into a happy little bookcase awaiting the great cardboard classics like Good Night Moon and I love You This Much.

The foot stool and rocker she found at consignment shops had hard old foam cushions that she worked on replacing and re-covering while I sanded, painted applied more pink polka dots.  I painted two time-worn brown stained dressers, that were her own when she was a girl.  A white antiqued finish gave them new life.


What she didn’t know, is that her friends wanted to surprise her with a baby shower gift that would coordinate with her collection.

They decided on having me paint this handy and useful portable stool. 

Doesn’t it look like a little frosted cake?



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