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Looking for Real Faux May 16, 2008

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 These are some decorative painting inspirational finds from my recent trip to Savannah. 

Do you want walls that are interesting, rich with depth and texture? Do you desire something aged and time worn? Where do you begin?  Whether doing it yourself or hiring a decorative painter, identifying what you like is the best way to start. 

Look for real textures and colors that exist in the world around you.  Look at everything from sidewalks to ceilings.  Look in historic villages and towns.  Look at old and new structures.  Look at slate river bottoms and mossy green hillsides.

 Great inspirations are everywhere!  The mix of old world and new construction is my favorite combination. You don’t want everything worn and old, then it just looks worn and old.  The pairing of old and new, vintage and contemporary, are what make a timeless combination. 

Wouldn’t this aged crack and textured stone (shown below) add a fantastic richness to your decor?

Or a wall aged with an old graphic advertisement adjacent to your new cherry cabinets.

The cool colors of this garden frame the inviting warmth of these beautiful front entry doors. 







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