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Beautifully Economic in the Kitchen June 5, 2009

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A New Home for the Microwave


Welcome to the Flourish Decorative Painting Beautifully Economic Design Solutions series.  I will be exploring, experimenting and executing design solutions for your home and garden in an affordable and hopefully “green” way by reusing, recycling and repurposing.

Look for future posts on cabinetry, furniture and beautiful home decor.

As the first installment in the series, I wanted to be sure to include this quick and easy space saving Kitchen design project.

Problem: This microwave on the counter top takes up too much space and would look much better as a built-in.  I needed to find an extra space in the kitchen that could easily hold the dimensions of this microwave and have an electric access.  Possibilities, inside the pantry, inside an upper cabinet, build an additional cabinet or, inside a lower cabinet:


Solution: Install into a lower cabinet in the island.

First step, remove the Cabinet doors (That was easy, removing a couple screws… not so committed, I can always change my mind).


Remove the  cross bars by cutting with a jig saw closely to the outer trim leaving a flush surface saving that nice strip of horizontal oak for later (Ok, now I’m totally committed).  Sand any rough edges. Fill any gaps or holes with wood patch.  Sand smooth again

Add more surface on to the existing  shelf to give enough width to hold the microwave. Drill a hole to access the electric.


It’s a fit!


Attach that saved piece of horizontal oak with trim nails and glue to the edge of the shelf to give it a nice finished look.


Add baskets and cookbooks, you’re done!  Fast and easy!


I will post when I am ready to paint.  The plan is to paint and distress this cabinetry, add larger crown moldings to upper cabinets, add shelf’s onto the back side of the island, raise the island counter top to 1/2 worktop height, 1/2 bar height, and move the refrigerator.

If I put this in writing …. I will have to get it done! Right?

Stay tunned…


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