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bonflourish is moving to a new site… July 23, 2009

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I’ve moved…Please visit


More Antiques, Primitives and Painted Fun July 3, 2009

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Restocking the store copyI’m adding more items to the Mercantile as fast as I can gather them, clean them and paint them…  Sometimes the difficulty is parting with them.  I tend to purchase things to refurbish, paint and sell and somehow they fit perfectly into my home and never make it out!

This week was the perfect example, I purchased this great coffee table to paint and put in the store…


oh, but look at how nicely it fits into the shape of my sofa… all it needs is a bit of paint, a cool thick and chunky tufted cushion on top making it an ottoman/table (and raising the height, it’s a little low)… see, I can’t part with it.  I will post when I have finished it… which brings me to my next problem, once I decide to keep it, it never gets finished!


What is Old is New, What is New is Old July 1, 2009

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faux old copy