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No Water Needed June 18, 2009

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Make a TopiaryLast summer I searched high and low to find a live topiary.  I finally found one at Home Depot no less!  The tag on the beautiful little tree/shrub/plant said it derived from Australia.  I over watered it.  Then I under watered it.  Until finally, all the leaves shriveled up and fell off.  I had finally killed the poor thing.

My next quest was to find a really good fake.  They are around in stores… a nice one can be pricey… and I would have most likely purchased one or two if I hadn’t read a great tutorial on how to make your own, by 320 Sycamore.  She’s very creative, you will definately love her blog!  Filled with design projects turning junk into treasures.  So above is my version.  I purchased foam balls, green moss and glue sticks at the dollar store.  The green leaf bunch was purchased from Michales for maybe a couple dollars.  All together the project took an afternoon and the cost was under $5 using a pot I already had.  Cut the “trunk” from a tree branch in the yard, you can even add a little grape vine to wrap around it adding texture! Isn’t it cute?

So easy to do.  Start with a round green foam ball (I started with a square and rounded the edges with a knife).  First you need to remove the leaves from the stem that forms the bunch.  Then, tear your leaf sections in half so that each measures roughly an inch or so long?  I used the stem to poke holes in my ball and then dipped each leaf section into hot glue and inserted.  As you are close to covering the entire ball, poke a hole in the open space of the ball with your branch (trunk).  Put hot glue on the tip of the branch and insert it into the hole.  I then hot glued the square foam into my vase. Repeated the process with the branch inserting it into the vase foam with hot glue.  To finish, add green moss to the top (no glue necessary, it should just stay in place).


She bought sea shells… on ebay May 22, 2008

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Well actually, I didn’t buy these shells. I collected them at the beach last week while on vacation with my husband and children.  They all pitched in and hunted with me for these sea treasures.  They knew mom had a plan …  

Isn’t this coral chandelier magnificent?

Sorry for the awful photos here, they’re from various issues of Veranda, House Beautiful and Country Living magazines.  My scanner is out of commission for the moment and I had to shoot these with the camera.  Bad pictures, but you get the idea… 

I am infatuated lately with shells.  Did you ever notice that once you have an interest in something you tend to see it everywhere (or is it because I have seen it everywhere, now I am infatuated)?  In either case, now that I have this obsession, I have to create something out of shells.

In magazines, for summer decor, they seem to be in every spread.  So, since my collection of shells was hardly enough to create anything on a large scale,  I headed to Ebay.  Voila, shells-a-plenty.

I bought these

and these.

And with them I plan to make these:

Where am I going to put these shell creations?  I have no idea… ahhh, maybe a shell chandelier over the master bath tub, mmmm just maybe.  Next stop, garage sale or thrift store for a discarded brass chandelier!  I’ll post when I’m finished.


Mother’s Day May 11, 2008

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 Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s day.

Today I thought I’d share a page out of my art journal. 

I love to create in my art journal.  It’s a place to draw, doodle, paint, collage, scribble, think, write… a place to create for ME.  I highly recommend this to everyone. 

How do you start? No one can explain better than Suzi.  Check out Suziblu on Youtube and then after that check out this  She’s hilarious and has many fun and inspirational multi media ideas.  Now go create and enjoy.




Sugar Scrubtacular April 22, 2008

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Seriously easy… I made this simple, and I mean simple sugar scrub from You have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

My first step was to find a container. I didn’t want any old ugly jar… I remembered a little glass jar that I had kept because it was so cute, but I didn’t have a purpose for it! Where did I put that… in the cabinet right next to my scented bath oil! I already had essential oil in many different fragrances. I had forgotten all about them. I think next time I’d like to try coconut for a tropical summer scrub!

I cut their recipe in half, just in case I didn’t like it. I LOVE it! What a great scrub sugar makes (vanilla would be great in this too). My skin is soooo soft. Look out Bath and Body!


If you love magazines… April 18, 2008

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If you love magazines like I do, than you surely end up with a pile every month and wonder how you’ll ever get through them. You also wonder how you’ll remember where to find that article on that great chair reupholstering that you liked, or where’s that photo of that bathroom with the great robin’s egg blue walls…

Well, I’ve finally found a solution that works for me. The first solution I use is that I read magazines like a paper shreader. If I like something I see, I immediately rip it out. That’s the only way I can find things for future use. Otherwise, I’m forever searching for that lost article. But, then I’d throw all of my tearings into my idea drawer. Then they were lost again!

So, in my idea drawer, I found this article from Better Homes and Gardens. They show how to use these binders to organize all the recipes you tear out and never use because you can’t find them. So I knew this would work for my idea clippings. The fabric on the binders looks so sharp. I chose a brown-grey fabric for my binders. These binder’s are saving my sanity and drawer space. I have a different binder for each subject. Craft ideas, Furniture or antique repurposing ideas, decorating for my home, everything outdoor – from outdoor fabric to landscaping to chicken coops. Check out this chicken coop, I’m dying to have one just like this…


From door to wall April 12, 2008

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When making a hollow core door into a canvas, you can cut it in half as I did, or leave the door as is.

The tools you need: needle nose pliers, staple gun, hammer and scissors.

Find any natural fabric (cottons linens,…) that is the texture you would like.  Printed fabric is fine to use because you will be painting over it! An old bed sheet would work out great.  Which, is what I’ve used here.

Staple the fabric to the back of the door at the bottom center 1/4″ away from the edge.  Stretch the fabric taught to the top and staple a staple in the back of the door at the center 1/4″ away from the edge.  Finish stapling the back along the entire edge of the top and bottom as you keep the fabric pulled taught.

Staple the left and right sides in the same technique as the top and bottom.

When you get to the corner: make a hospital corner at the edge and staple the folded fabric in the back.

Trim off any excess fabric you have in the back beneath the staple line.  Now, it’s time to prime.  You can use gesso or any latex paint you have around the house.  I used 2-3 coats of latex paint.  Make sure your canvas is dry between each coat.  Your fabric may want to wrinkle at this stage.  You could pull the wet fabric to the edge and add extra staples to the back to smooth out the wrinkle.  Or, let it dry and work itself out.  In this case, I did happen to get wrinkles. I let it dry and pressed the wrinkles with paper covering the canvas and a warm iron.  I think using a thin fabric will wrinkle.

The open canvas is yours to paint away!  You don’t have to be a master painter to create something beautiful… my daughter designed this layout on the computer and then painted it onto this fresh canvas!  It turned out to be a fantastic creation. Great job Blake (my daughter)! 


From Door to Headboard

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You can make a headboard too.  This was made out of half of a hollow core interior door. My inspiration came from this PBteen headboard:

The tools and materials you’ll need: 1hollow core door, staple gun, hammer, needle nose pliers, sewing machine (optional), at least 2 yards of upholstery fabric (depending on the size of your door), an old comforter that’s in good fluffy condition.

Cut your door to the size you think you will need. Use the open/cut edge facing toward the floor and no one will ever see it.  Cut any roping edge there may be off of your comforter.

With the rough cut edge of the door facing down, staple the comforter to the door using the inside of the comforter now as the outside (basically facing the decorative part of the comforter toward the wood. This will give you a smooth finish under your final upholstery fabric).  Use the same technique for stapling, that was used in making a canvas.  With the rough cut edge of the door facing down you do not need to staple that edge if you do not wish to.

After you have finished attaching the comforter you can then attach your upholstery fabric using the same stapling technique (just staple a little farther out from your first line of staples).  Then you’re finished and you can “hang” (from studs) your headboard on the wall.

For this headboard, I sewed in a bead of roping edge to give it an added detail.  There are many more fun things you could do to add detail: Paint a monogram, sew in a stripe, add buttons, attach a fringe edge (you could use upholstery glue too – no sew)… have fun!