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It can be painted… June 7, 2009

It can be painted…

With everyone talking “Green” and the current state of our economy, we need to rethink the way we decorate. When redecorating or updating a room, we don’t need to use our entire budget buying all new items.

Instead of buying new, RE-New.  It can be painted!

Here are a few great re-new make overs:

Once upon a time there was a client that didn’t like her fireplace mantle.
Can you blame her? Her earthy import style decor DID NOT go with this Victorian inspired fireplace mantle.  She was having the mantle inset tiled with Slate.
I removed the excess decoration, added a little texture, painted, glazed and… voila,  new mantle!
This was not only a more affordable solution, but time saving and stress saving as well.  They would have had to have the mantle removed and undergone lengthy construction otherwise.  My clients were very happy, I was glad I could help, and they lived happily ever after.

Another great project was this dark stained armoire from the 1960’s.   It was my clients when she was a young girl.
After priming and painting,  I then glazed it to give it an aged patina. A final layer of decorative painting gives the finished touch.
The left side shows the “before” side with out the decorative painting.  What a difference a little paint can make!
And a dresser painted to match…
This  light Oak cabinet was too contemporary to fit into to the “new” vintage bathroom design and color scheme.
White paint, gray glaze, a touch of distress for age, new hardware… and  it’s whole “new” cabinet.

Next on the list… removing an old (too new looking) cabinet and replacing it with a new (old looking) cabinet.  Here’s the “before”

I’ll be removing the small cabinet in the center (Knowing I was removing it, I had tested out the black paint on it to see how I’d like it in the room.  The upper cabinets will be painted black when the carpentry is finished).  I’ll post the “after”  soon.


Beautifully Economic in the Kitchen June 5, 2009

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A New Home for the Microwave


Welcome to the Flourish Decorative Painting Beautifully Economic Design Solutions series.  I will be exploring, experimenting and executing design solutions for your home and garden in an affordable and hopefully “green” way by reusing, recycling and repurposing.

Look for future posts on cabinetry, furniture and beautiful home decor.

As the first installment in the series, I wanted to be sure to include this quick and easy space saving Kitchen design project.

Problem: This microwave on the counter top takes up too much space and would look much better as a built-in.  I needed to find an extra space in the kitchen that could easily hold the dimensions of this microwave and have an electric access.  Possibilities, inside the pantry, inside an upper cabinet, build an additional cabinet or, inside a lower cabinet:


Solution: Install into a lower cabinet in the island.

First step, remove the Cabinet doors (That was easy, removing a couple screws… not so committed, I can always change my mind).


Remove the  cross bars by cutting with a jig saw closely to the outer trim leaving a flush surface saving that nice strip of horizontal oak for later (Ok, now I’m totally committed).  Sand any rough edges. Fill any gaps or holes with wood patch.  Sand smooth again

Add more surface on to the existing  shelf to give enough width to hold the microwave. Drill a hole to access the electric.


It’s a fit!


Attach that saved piece of horizontal oak with trim nails and glue to the edge of the shelf to give it a nice finished look.


Add baskets and cookbooks, you’re done!  Fast and easy!


I will post when I am ready to paint.  The plan is to paint and distress this cabinetry, add larger crown moldings to upper cabinets, add shelf’s onto the back side of the island, raise the island counter top to 1/2 worktop height, 1/2 bar height, and move the refrigerator.

If I put this in writing …. I will have to get it done! Right?

Stay tunned…


FINALLY I have set up an etsy store August 7, 2008

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After what seems like an endless summer of traveling (back and forth across the country) and shuttling (kids around town) I have finally gotten back to business.  I have gotten back to painting and dwindling down my stock of vintage furniture that is patiently awaiting my brush.  And, I am excited to announce the opening of my etsy shop!  If you know of anyone who would enjoy painted vintage or antique furniture or decorative items, please send them my way.  I take custom orders, paint on client’s furniture or find what they need.  I have great children’s room pieces soon to be added to my site.  You can check it out at:

Or click on the etsy mention at the right of your screen (I still haven’t figured out how to get a little image on there, but the connection works!).  I have only listed 10 items so far, but there are more to come… stay tuned!


Some friends dropped by the other day… May 2, 2008

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These two stopped by the other day and visited with me for a while. They were actually curious about what I was doing!  Don’t they know it’s Turkey Season (or is it wabbit season)?

I’ve been getting things painted! Yeah! These serving trays are two of the smaller items that I will be putting on my soon to be open Etsy (  site.  I’m trying to keep the Etsy stuff small-ish for easy shipping. 



Before I get back to work, I wanted to show you these incredible pillows!!  They look pretty ordinary, I know.  The incredible part is that they were on clearance at Garden Ridge for $3!! They’re down… with zippered slip covers… for $3 and $4 American Dollars!! I had stacked my cart full, but think I’m going back for more (so leave some for me)…


Ava’s very French/Madeline Inspired, Nursery Furniture April 30, 2008

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As my anxious mommy-to-be client awaited the arrival of her sweet Ava, she brought me several pieces of furniture to paint.  With fabric swatches and paint colors she presented her vision for the nursery which was to be in a Madeline (like the book series) French theme.

Some pieces, like this little bookcase, were handed down from her grandparents.  It wasn’t by any means a fine piece of furniture. 

It was more like a utility piece that hung around the attic or basement for years. 

After scraping away contact paper applying some wood glue, nails and paint…

it turned into a happy little bookcase awaiting the great cardboard classics like Good Night Moon and I love You This Much.

The foot stool and rocker she found at consignment shops had hard old foam cushions that she worked on replacing and re-covering while I sanded, painted applied more pink polka dots.  I painted two time-worn brown stained dressers, that were her own when she was a girl.  A white antiqued finish gave them new life.


What she didn’t know, is that her friends wanted to surprise her with a baby shower gift that would coordinate with her collection.

They decided on having me paint this handy and useful portable stool. 

Doesn’t it look like a little frosted cake?



gathering and organizing April 26, 2008

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I’m gathering and organizing for summer sales.

I have several clip boards, chalkboards, note boards, magnetic… 

 A few storage pieces like this bench. Some trunks, painted vintage wood boxes and cans…

Some decorative pieces…

Three finished beds to sell.  Two of them are to sell as a matching set.

This is one of the two:

Children’s bed or play room art…

Organizing my studio, in preparation for at least two art/street fairs this summer and  I will be starting an Etsy site (

I have a lot of small items in my studio that are ready to go, but I need some larger items.  Waiting in line to be painted: 2 chiffarobes, dresser, armoire, library table.  vintage high chair, makeup/jewelry table, table and four chairs (I’m thinking of a game table design), architectural finds (carpentry first, then paint), chairs chairs chairs, canvas murals and a toy chest!

Hoping that by revealing my huge to do list, I will get these painted, posted and purchased.  I will be posting my  Etsy site as soon I get that going.


Welcome Ikea April 1, 2008

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We finally had the Ikea experience come to Cincinnati.

 I have yet to visit our new Ikea.  But there are many things I really like about the store.  Like these:




I purchased them a couple years ago when Ikea came to Michigan.  I think they were something like a dollar each!  They sell them with all different wood stains, or without stain.  I had planned on painting these with a girls room theme (flowers, words,…) but never did get around to it.  So, recently, I thought the dark brown wood would look tasty against my blueish venetian plaster in the master bath.  They seemed a little too plain, so I added some gold glaze and blueish glaze with a stencil and I love them!  Wouldn’t these mirrors look great covering an entire wall (plain or painted)?  Floor to ceiling… can’t you just imagine it in an entry way!  I might have to try that.  And, it wouldn’t cost more than $60!!  Ikea has fun stuff.