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Beautifully Economic in the Kitchen June 5, 2009

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A New Home for the Microwave


Welcome to the Flourish Decorative Painting Beautifully Economic Design Solutions series.  I will be exploring, experimenting and executing design solutions for your home and garden in an affordable and hopefully “green” way by reusing, recycling and repurposing.

Look for future posts on cabinetry, furniture and beautiful home decor.

As the first installment in the series, I wanted to be sure to include this quick and easy space saving Kitchen design project.

Problem: This microwave on the counter top takes up too much space and would look much better as a built-in.  I needed to find an extra space in the kitchen that could easily hold the dimensions of this microwave and have an electric access.  Possibilities, inside the pantry, inside an upper cabinet, build an additional cabinet or, inside a lower cabinet:


Solution: Install into a lower cabinet in the island.

First step, remove the Cabinet doors (That was easy, removing a couple screws… not so committed, I can always change my mind).


Remove the  cross bars by cutting with a jig saw closely to the outer trim leaving a flush surface saving that nice strip of horizontal oak for later (Ok, now I’m totally committed).  Sand any rough edges. Fill any gaps or holes with wood patch.  Sand smooth again

Add more surface on to the existing  shelf to give enough width to hold the microwave. Drill a hole to access the electric.


It’s a fit!


Attach that saved piece of horizontal oak with trim nails and glue to the edge of the shelf to give it a nice finished look.


Add baskets and cookbooks, you’re done!  Fast and easy!


I will post when I am ready to paint.  The plan is to paint and distress this cabinetry, add larger crown moldings to upper cabinets, add shelf’s onto the back side of the island, raise the island counter top to 1/2 worktop height, 1/2 bar height, and move the refrigerator.

If I put this in writing …. I will have to get it done! Right?

Stay tunned…


FINALLY I have set up an etsy store August 7, 2008

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After what seems like an endless summer of traveling (back and forth across the country) and shuttling (kids around town) I have finally gotten back to business.  I have gotten back to painting and dwindling down my stock of vintage furniture that is patiently awaiting my brush.  And, I am excited to announce the opening of my etsy shop!  If you know of anyone who would enjoy painted vintage or antique furniture or decorative items, please send them my way.  I take custom orders, paint on client’s furniture or find what they need.  I have great children’s room pieces soon to be added to my site.  You can check it out at:

Or click on the etsy mention at the right of your screen (I still haven’t figured out how to get a little image on there, but the connection works!).  I have only listed 10 items so far, but there are more to come… stay tuned!


She bought sea shells… on ebay May 22, 2008

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Well actually, I didn’t buy these shells. I collected them at the beach last week while on vacation with my husband and children.  They all pitched in and hunted with me for these sea treasures.  They knew mom had a plan …  

Isn’t this coral chandelier magnificent?

Sorry for the awful photos here, they’re from various issues of Veranda, House Beautiful and Country Living magazines.  My scanner is out of commission for the moment and I had to shoot these with the camera.  Bad pictures, but you get the idea… 

I am infatuated lately with shells.  Did you ever notice that once you have an interest in something you tend to see it everywhere (or is it because I have seen it everywhere, now I am infatuated)?  In either case, now that I have this obsession, I have to create something out of shells.

In magazines, for summer decor, they seem to be in every spread.  So, since my collection of shells was hardly enough to create anything on a large scale,  I headed to Ebay.  Voila, shells-a-plenty.

I bought these

and these.

And with them I plan to make these:

Where am I going to put these shell creations?  I have no idea… ahhh, maybe a shell chandelier over the master bath tub, mmmm just maybe.  Next stop, garage sale or thrift store for a discarded brass chandelier!  I’ll post when I’m finished.


Looking for Real Faux May 16, 2008

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 These are some decorative painting inspirational finds from my recent trip to Savannah. 

Do you want walls that are interesting, rich with depth and texture? Do you desire something aged and time worn? Where do you begin?  Whether doing it yourself or hiring a decorative painter, identifying what you like is the best way to start. 

Look for real textures and colors that exist in the world around you.  Look at everything from sidewalks to ceilings.  Look in historic villages and towns.  Look at old and new structures.  Look at slate river bottoms and mossy green hillsides.

 Great inspirations are everywhere!  The mix of old world and new construction is my favorite combination. You don’t want everything worn and old, then it just looks worn and old.  The pairing of old and new, vintage and contemporary, are what make a timeless combination. 

Wouldn’t this aged crack and textured stone (shown below) add a fantastic richness to your decor?

Or a wall aged with an old graphic advertisement adjacent to your new cherry cabinets.

The cool colors of this garden frame the inviting warmth of these beautiful front entry doors. 







Mother’s Day May 11, 2008

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 Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s day.

Today I thought I’d share a page out of my art journal. 

I love to create in my art journal.  It’s a place to draw, doodle, paint, collage, scribble, think, write… a place to create for ME.  I highly recommend this to everyone. 

How do you start? No one can explain better than Suzi.  Check out Suziblu on Youtube and then after that check out this  She’s hilarious and has many fun and inspirational multi media ideas.  Now go create and enjoy.




I’m not (usually) a fan of vinyl wall decals… May 3, 2008


(images from danielle thompson)Until I came across this incredibly cute application created by Danielle Thompson. It was featured on  Every aspect of this room was so well designed and the use of vinyls is perfectly clever and appropriate!

She has a full description on how she created this masterpiece with several more pictures on her blog:

Another great application of this design would be to have these frames adorn the walls of a staircase that lead to the toy room.  Or, put them in the toy room and create an ever changing gallery of your children’s art!

Love it!


Some friends dropped by the other day… May 2, 2008

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These two stopped by the other day and visited with me for a while. They were actually curious about what I was doing!  Don’t they know it’s Turkey Season (or is it wabbit season)?

I’ve been getting things painted! Yeah! These serving trays are two of the smaller items that I will be putting on my soon to be open Etsy (  site.  I’m trying to keep the Etsy stuff small-ish for easy shipping. 



Before I get back to work, I wanted to show you these incredible pillows!!  They look pretty ordinary, I know.  The incredible part is that they were on clearance at Garden Ridge for $3!! They’re down… with zippered slip covers… for $3 and $4 American Dollars!! I had stacked my cart full, but think I’m going back for more (so leave some for me)…