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It can be painted… June 7, 2009

It can be painted…

With everyone talking “Green” and the current state of our economy, we need to rethink the way we decorate. When redecorating or updating a room, we don’t need to use our entire budget buying all new items.

Instead of buying new, RE-New.  It can be painted!

Here are a few great re-new make overs:

Once upon a time there was a client that didn’t like her fireplace mantle.
Can you blame her? Her earthy import style decor DID NOT go with this Victorian inspired fireplace mantle.  She was having the mantle inset tiled with Slate.
I removed the excess decoration, added a little texture, painted, glazed and… voila,  new mantle!
This was not only a more affordable solution, but time saving and stress saving as well.  They would have had to have the mantle removed and undergone lengthy construction otherwise.  My clients were very happy, I was glad I could help, and they lived happily ever after.

Another great project was this dark stained armoire from the 1960’s.   It was my clients when she was a young girl.
After priming and painting,  I then glazed it to give it an aged patina. A final layer of decorative painting gives the finished touch.
The left side shows the “before” side with out the decorative painting.  What a difference a little paint can make!
And a dresser painted to match…
This  light Oak cabinet was too contemporary to fit into to the “new” vintage bathroom design and color scheme.
White paint, gray glaze, a touch of distress for age, new hardware… and  it’s whole “new” cabinet.

Next on the list… removing an old (too new looking) cabinet and replacing it with a new (old looking) cabinet.  Here’s the “before”

I’ll be removing the small cabinet in the center (Knowing I was removing it, I had tested out the black paint on it to see how I’d like it in the room.  The upper cabinets will be painted black when the carpentry is finished).  I’ll post the “after”  soon.


Looking for Real Faux May 16, 2008

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 These are some decorative painting inspirational finds from my recent trip to Savannah. 

Do you want walls that are interesting, rich with depth and texture? Do you desire something aged and time worn? Where do you begin?  Whether doing it yourself or hiring a decorative painter, identifying what you like is the best way to start. 

Look for real textures and colors that exist in the world around you.  Look at everything from sidewalks to ceilings.  Look in historic villages and towns.  Look at old and new structures.  Look at slate river bottoms and mossy green hillsides.

 Great inspirations are everywhere!  The mix of old world and new construction is my favorite combination. You don’t want everything worn and old, then it just looks worn and old.  The pairing of old and new, vintage and contemporary, are what make a timeless combination. 

Wouldn’t this aged crack and textured stone (shown below) add a fantastic richness to your decor?

Or a wall aged with an old graphic advertisement adjacent to your new cherry cabinets.

The cool colors of this garden frame the inviting warmth of these beautiful front entry doors.